What We Do


Trustee/Management Committee Fund Management

  • Trustee Foundation Fund Management
  • Advanced Fund Management
  • Understanding Fund Rules
  • Fund Financial Statements
  • Fund Leadership Workshop
  • Investment Workshops
  • Human Resources Workshops
  • Distribution of Death Benefits
  • Retirement Fund Industry Legal Updates
  • Risk Management Workshops
  • UmCom - Establishment, Structures, Duties and Liabilities of Umbrella Fund Management Committees
  • Finance for Non-Financial employees

Fund Administration

  • Retirement fund administration processes.
  • Administration risk processes
  • Industry Induction of administrators

* We offer this service throughout Africa.

Governance & Risk Management
  • Web based Assessments for Trustees
  • Web based assessments of Fund leadership – PO and Chairperson
  • Risk Analysis, Measurement & Management
  • Risk Management Policy & Matrix review

Limit Software

The LIMIT software is a tool that allows the Board to establish the limit of indemnity for their fund. The resultant report will assist the fund advisor and the Board in debating the quantum of Fidelity and Professional Indemnity Cover.

Fund Works
  • Fund Governance Audits
  • Fund due diligence
  • Trustee Election facilitation
  • Fund roll-up and reconstruction
  • Fund rules analysis and appraisal
  • Section 14 assistance
  • Liquidation assistance
  • Forensic assistance
  • Advisor assistance
  • Board Assessments
  • Section 26 fund rehabilitation 

Sub-Committee Services

Independent assistance on Fund sub-committees in dealing with complex Fund issues.