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Risk Assessments

FQ Financial Skills offers risk assessments on several different levels each providing specific solutions or outcomes. The assessments are offered on a default or specifically designed bespoke basis. FQ has two qualified Assessors and a Moderator who are involved in all risk assessments. The risk assessments are web based and accessed by an email link or paper based where no email facility exists.

Default Assessments:

  1. PF 130 based assessments with analysis and a report
  2. The LI-MIT Survey developed by Marsh, Camargue and FQ Financial Skills
    The LI-MIT Survey has been expanded to cater for the full spectrum of retirement fund assessments and now includes Free Standing Funds, Umbrella arrangements, Retirement Annuity Schemes, Preservation Funds and Beneficiary Funds.
    The reporting format illustrates key issues that Boards may use for:
  • Appraising the current level of Fidelity and E&O cover
  • Identification of areas of Fund Risk
  • Identification of areas of Fund Governance concern
  • Identification of specific areas of Training by category and individual
  • Assessment of the Board as per PF 130 for Good Fund Governance
  • Providing each Trustee with added protection and indemnification as indicated by Section 7F(a) of the Pension Funds Act

Bespoke Assessments:

These assessments are designed to meet Board requirements and range from member opinion or communication, part of a fund due diligence exercise, to the detailed assessment and analysis of a fund to establish a Risk Management Policy and Matrix.